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A) Home Page and Sitemap

B) About Energy-Partners
     - Company Profile    

C) Energy Saving Approach     

     - Why Energy Saving?
     - What make Energy-Partnersdifferent?
     - Energy-Partners Saving Programme

D) EnergyMap Programme

     - EniScope Management Programme
     - E-Centive Programme
     - Pay-As-You-Save Scheme
     - Project Guarantee
     - FAQs

E) Energy Saving Product Summary

     I) EnergyMap Products Summary
        - Product Test Certificate

    II) Energy-Partners Products Summary

           i) PowerSave® Energy Saving Device
            - Product Information and Order
            - Test Certificates
            - FAQs on PowerSave

           ii) ETrack® Energy Management Device
            - Product Information
            - Test Certificates
            - FAQs on PowerSave

          iii) PowerTube® Series Energy Saving Lighting
            - T5 Fluorescent Information
            - High Bay Induction Lighting System
            - Test Certificates and Specification

F) Energy-Partners Consultants
      - Energy-Partners™ Consultants Service


G) Project Reference

     - Project Reference
     - Testimonials
     - Site Records 1
     - Site Records 2


H) Contact Information

Enquiry and Ordering of Product :
If you are interested to order any of the energy saving products or like to find out more information, you may contact us here, and we will assign an Energy-Partners™ Consultant
to contact you shortly.

Commercial Project :
If you are interested to implement Energy Saving and Management project for your company, please contact our Energy-Partners™ Consultants here.


I) Business Opportunity

Distributor and Sales Agent:
We owned exclusive rights to a wide range of Energy Saving and Management products. If you are interested to be our licensed distributor or Sales Representative, please contact us here.

For further enquiry, you may contact our office at:

Energy Partnership
9 Jurong Town Hall Road, #02-68 iHub
Singapore 609431
Tel : 65-6561 1709
email :


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