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Do you like to Save 10-30% of Your Electrcity Bill every month?

Know more about PowerSave

PowerSave® helps to reduce
electricity wastage and consumption

Product Tested with Certification from:

Our Satisfied Customers in a landed property, the monthly electrical bill for my 3-phase supply is a major burden. Having 30% saving helps to offset many of my other expenses.

                                                  ~ Ernest Yong                                                      Loyang Villa  

… the electrical bill to my Penthouse unit used to be around $400. Now I pay about $260 to below $300. The saving I got from PowerSave is just amazing!

                                                   ~ Ms. Yeo                                                       Mount Sinai

The Facts

Electricity wastages are due to many factors:

    • Poor Power Factor
    • Power Surge, Spike and Harmonics
    • Types of appliances used
    • Over sizing of equipment
    • Poor design layout
    • Usage pattern and many others...


    Power Saving & Management Devices

    Know more about PowerSave


    • Power Saving device suitable for Residential Apartments, Flats and landed properties.
    • Reduces the spikes in the supply, protect against surges and extends the life span of your electrical appliances.
    • Stabilize the flow of electricity.
    • The system improves the power factor of your electricity and reduces your electricity bill between 10-25% and more.
    Know more about ETrack


    • Monitor energy consumption.
    • Track historical record of your consumption .
    • Show accumulative Cost ($), Hourly rate of usage ($/Hr) and energy reading (kwh).
    • Improve your usage pattern and reduce wastage.


    Enquiry and Ordering of Product :
    If you are interested to order the above products or like to find out more information, you may contact us here, and we will assign an Energy-Partners™ Consultant
    to contact you shortly.

    Commercial Project :
    If you are interested to implement Energy Saving and Management project for your company, please contact our Energy-Partners™ Consultants here.

    Distributor and Sales Agent:
    We owned exclusive rights to a wide range of Energy Saving and Management products. If you are interested to be our licensed distributor or Sales Representative, please contact us here.

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