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Frequently Asked Questions...



Q) Is PowerSave® legal to use in home/office?
A) Yes, PowerSave® is just an Electricity Stabilizer and is a legal product in Malaysia and Singapore . It does not disturb your existing wiring system, therefore it is definitely legal.

Q) Can PowerSave® be use in other countries with different voltage?

A) Yes. Can be use in other countries that have an electricity supply of 110 to 130 VAC 60Hz or 220 to 240 VAC 50Hz

Q) How does PowerSave® help in reducing my electricity consumption?

A) PowerSave® uses a capacitor system to stabilize the flow of electricity. It reduces the spikes in the supply, protecting against surges. The system improves the power factor of your electricity and reduces your electricity bill by on average 15%.

One PowerSave® will work on the whole circuit in your premise. The PowerSave® reduces the reactive power generated by inductive loads. This improves safety by reducing the overheating of electrical wiring. It also extends the life span of your electrical appliances.

Q) What is the possible saving for my electricity bill?

A) For an average household, the saving is around 10-20%, but the saving range may vary from 5-25%, it depends on the ratio of the Inductive load versus Resistive load used in the premise. If the usage pattern generate lots of Resistive load from appliances i.e. Iron, Oven, Water Heater, incandescent lights, etc. then the savings may be lower. In another extreme situation where the owner already invested extensively in energy saving appliances i.e. Inverter A/C system, energy efficient fridge and washing machine, extensive use of energy saving bulbs, etc, it is common sense that further savings will be minimal.

On the other hand, our field testing for a typical home consistently shows that the PowerSave® will save 3 to 7 kw per day, based on electrical consumption of 30 kw per day. The amount of savings depends on a few factors, such as the types of electrical appliances, the time they are in use and the location. If the usage pattern generates lots of Inductive load from appliances, i.e. florescent lighting, computer, TV, fridge, washing machine and conventional A/C system, the savings can be very substantial. Places near to shops, restaurants and light industries, where the voltage supply is unstable and fluctuating will see higher savings. Where voltage supply is particularly unstable, the PowerSave® can reduce consumption by 30% or more.

Q) Exactly how much can I save in Dollars and Cents?

A) The electricity billing is based on kwh consumed and the saving in dollars will depends on the tariff applied by the authority. Assuming the electricity tariff in Singapore now is $0.3045/kwh, for every 100kwh saved will give you $32.58 of savings inclusive of 7% GST.

Q) Is the saving guarantee? Does PowerSave® come with a warranty?

A) Yes. Every customer who purchase the PowerSave® directly from Energy-Partners™ will receive a 90-Day Money-back Guarantee. On top of the Guarantee, each of our PowerSave® comes with a One (1) year product warranty against manufacturing defects and faulty materials from the date of purchase under normal installation and use.

Q) Is there any test, certification and proof to show us that this device can help us reduce our electrical consumption?

A) Yes, PowerSave® is developed with German technology, and has been tested by PSB ( Singapore ) and Sirim ( Malaysia ); it is also checked for compliance with EU standards and accorded with CE certification.

We have conducted test carried out by PSB Corporation (Singapore) and Sirim (Malaysia) on its saving efficiency.

View the Certification and Test Report carried out by PSB Corporation (Singapore), Sirim (Malaysia) and CE Certification - Click Here

Q) Does PowerSave® need any maintenance?

A) No. PowerSave® has an estimated life span of around 5 years and it is maintenance free after installation.

Q) How many units must I buy?

A) For normal home-circuit (Single Phase), you just need to purchase one unit. One unit will work for the whole house circuit.

As for three phase supply, you need three units of PowerSave®. Install one unit to each phase of supply.

Q) Where do we install this device?

A) Single-phase
For Single phase, just plug the PowerSave® into a 13-amps outlet near the circuit breaker and switch on the unit.

3 separate units are required with one unit for each phase; please refer the installation to a qualified electrician or our Energy-Partners™ Consultant if you are not sure how to detect the correct power outlet on each phase.

Q) Any precautions while using PowerSave®?

A) Insulating Material: Polycarbonate
    Rate Voltage: 110 & 220 VAC, 50HZ / 60 HZ
    Storage Temperature: 15 degree to 60 degree


Although this device is insulated, but still can store electrical charge, avoid contact with PowerSave®, and wait for 10 seconds after the electrical supply is switched off before unplugging the socket.

The plug of power cord should not be shaken or simply removed; poor or loose contact should be avoided when the power is switched on.

Do not use on multi-purpose socket, it must be a stand alone plug in.

This device is not designed for heavy duty load or monthly consumption higher than 6000kwh.



ETrack Device

Q) What does ETrack do for energy saving?
A) When household owners received their electricity bills, it is a lump sum figure; they have no idea on the actual electricity consumption from each of their appliances and in what ratio it attributes to the high billing. ETrack is a monitoring device that tracks your household electricity consumption. Once you are aware of the quantum of consumption for each of your major appliances, you will adjust your usage pattern and optimise your usage and saving.

Q) Isn’t common sense that as long as I cut down on the usage on my major appliances, I will have savings! Why should I use ETrack?

A) You are right from a layman point of view, but ETrack is able to provide you more accurate information than by estimate. At any one point, you can check the total electricity consumption of your current month and make necessary adjustment if you have “over spent” on your daily average consumption. It can also trace back the historical consumption records of the past 12 months and give you a clear idea for usage comparison. The tariff rate is programmable, you get instant reading of how much you are / will be spending.

Q) What kind of readings ETrack provide?

A) Each ETrack enable tracking for the whole household electricity consumption, available for 63A single phase or 3-phase supply. It provides KW reading for instant power consumption; KWH reading for monthly accumulative consumption, programmable tariff, and dollar value of your electrical consumption. The device complete with special software to enable monthly power consumption data to be downloaded to your computer for detail analysis and monitoring.

Q) Do I need a qualified person to install the ETrack?

A) Yes, not only a qualified electrician is needed to do the installation, the electrician must also be specially trained to handle the Etrack circuit tracking principle in order to give you the accurate readings and results you wanted. Energy-Partners™ provide the complete installation service and after-sales training so that you can optimise the benefits for the use of ETrack.

Q) Is ETrack approved by PSB?

A) Yes, not only it is approved by PSB, it is also endorsed by NEA for its National Energy Saving campaign with a pilot project of 200 apartment units installed with the ETrack dvice. Numerously public reports on its saving effectiveness are covered in the press.


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