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What is an Energy-Partners™ Consultant?

Energy-Partners™ Consultants are specially trained and certified energy saving experts. Just like the many other business advisors you've come to depend on (such as your solicitor, your accountant, etc.) an Energy-partners™ Consultant is in your local community to ensure your business benefits from some of the worlds finest energy saving products.

Their goal is to reduce your energy costs by up to 40%! But in addition to cutting your costs and boosting your profits, Energy-Partners™ Consultants look to enhance your company image, improve morale among your employees and empower your business to make its own significant contribution to the fight against climate change and reduce carbon footprints.

Unlike other energy saving experts, Energy-Partners™ Consultants focus on delivering a total service solution via the revolutionary new energy saving system, EnergyMaps™, to which they have exclusive access.

Our Consultants are not content with offering you energy survey and then leaving you to it. Using the EnergyMaps™ system they install unique energy saving equipment immediately as part of a comprehensive audit which then allows them to recommend, install and commission some of the world’s finest energy saving products. All the products they offer are backed by a no quibble energy saving guarantee and can be purchased on a Pay-As-You-Save basis.

If you would like to see how you could benefit from the EnergyMaps™ system, contact your nearest Energy-Partners™ Consultant Here.


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