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Energy-Partners Saving Programme

Energy-Partners™ Saving Programme is a unique; four step system that guarantees to deliver you energy savings of up to 40%! We called it the EnergyMaps™.

Would you like to increase your business profits and enhance your company image? Do you want to make a meaningful contribution to the fight against climate change and reduce carbon footprints? If the answer is yes, then EnergyMaps™ is for you.

To find out how you can benefit, please CLICK HERE to contact your nearest Energy-Partners™ Consultant.

You can review a summary of the four step EnergyMaps™ system below:

1. Monitoring & Targeting with Eniscope™
When the Janssen family invented the microscope, they delivered a machine that made the invisible, visible. This allowed us to tackle problems, like diseases, much more effectively because we could see what was really happening in our bodies.

In Eniscope, Energy-Partners™ have delivered a solution that also makes the invisible, visible. Do you know how much energy you are using and, crucially, what that energy is costing you? Do you know how much energy you are wasting or how much carbon they are producing? If not, you need Eniscope to put you in the picture.

Eniscope makes this ‘invisible’ information visible, and in an easy to understand format, allowing you to tackle the problem of energy management much more effectively. Eniscope can even pinpoint the cost of running individual applications within your facility and warn you when you are using too much energy. It thus empowers you to make better decisions on how you use a most valuable resource – your energy.

For a FREE, Live Eniscope demonstration, contact your nearest Energy-Partners™ Consultant HERE.

2. Motivational Awareness with E-centive™
Did you know there is a computer that can save 100% of the energy cost associated with any given application? It’s called the human brain, and when it is suitably motivated it can deliver impressive results. For example, the energy saving when it decides turn something off is 100%!

Sounds easy, but motivating ourselves and our staff to save energy can be extremely challenging and many business owners are not sure where to start. That’s why we created E-centive™, a unique awareness program designed to overcome the inertia companies’ face when implementing energy saving strategies.

E-centive™ will save you money, but it will do a lot more in the process. It’s a dynamic tool which can actually improve the atmosphere and productivity of your facility, empowering your team to be at their best when it counts.

To see an example of the E-centive™ program, contact your nearest Energy-Partners™ Consultant HERE.

3. Understand the right solutions for you with our Report & Recommendation
Imagine you were able to locate the world’s finest energy saving products. Imagine you could choose the solutions that best suited the needs of your facility & staff. And imagine you could guarantee their effectiveness in real life situations before using them at your own premises! It’s time to stop imagining, because now an Energy-Partners™ Consultant can do all of this for you.

We start by conducting a comprehensive technical evaluation of all the equipment in your facility including your lighting, refrigeration, cooling and motor driven applications. Using state-of-the-art energy analysers and sophisticated thermal imaging equipment we can identify where substantial additional savings can be achieved. Once we understand how you business is using energy we can Report & Recommend the perfect products to deliver you substantial savings.

We are working night and day with our global partners to develop the best energy saving products and solutions currently available on the world market. We can then impartially offer you the best technology available from a huge, global portfolio.

To see how your business would benefit from a comprehensive Energy Audit Report and Recommendation, contact your nearest Energy-Partners™ Consultant HERE.

4. Peace of mind with our Savings Guarantee & Pay-As-You-Save plan
Everybody likes the idea of a product or solution that can save up to 40% of their energy costs. But how can you be sure that the savings will be realized? Are you willing to take a risk?

At Energy-Partners™, we don’t think you should have to. So, as part of EnergyMaps we guarantee the savings on the products & solutions we install for you. That means if we don’t deliver on what we have promised, we make up the difference – no questions asked!

What’s more, you can buy the solutions we recommend on a pay-as-you-save basis. So there’s no huge capital cost, just a manageable, monthly payment that is essentially covered by the monthly savings you have generated for yourself with our products!

To learn more about our Energy Savings Guarantee & Pay-As-You-Save plan, contact your nearest Energy-Partners™ Consultant HERE.

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