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What Makes Us Different?

Seven more reasons to choose Energy-Partners™:

  1. We don’t charge phenomenal daily rates for consultancy. Our professional Energy Saving System, Energy-Partners™ Programme, costs less than your weekly trip to the petrol station for a tank of fuel.
  2. We don’t just show you your problems. With the implementation of Energy-Partners™ programme, we will highlight problems and recommend solutions, and we will also implement those solutions, including the training of all of your staff and installation and commissioning of high-tech energy saving products.
  3. We don’t blind you with science. Energy Management can be a complex process, but Energy-Partners™ Programme makes it simple by delivering energy usage reports that anybody can understand.
  4. We don’t confuse you with kilowatts. Energy is measured in kilowatts, but it’s paid for in dollars. We tell you what you are spending in real money, so it means something to you.
  5. We don’t confine ourselves to two or three products so we don’t sell you products you don’t need. We deliver solutions from an independent, global portfolio which is growing everyday and this allows us to offer the products that are right for you.
  6. We don’t guess your savings. We guarantee them. That way, when you agree to invest in the Energy-Partners™ Programme you do so in a risk-free environment. If we don’t make the promised savings – we make up the difference!
  7. We don’t ask for a large capital investment. Through our pay-as-you-save plan you can get all the benefits of Energy-Partners™ Programme via a manageable, monthly payment which is essentially off-set by the monthly savings we will be generating for you.

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