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ENERGY SAVING PROJECT (Commercial Office - Central A/C System)

78 Shenton Way

The Chillers for the central air-conditioning system of 78 Shenton Way was first replaced in year 2000. The system comprises of 3 x 450RT and 1 x 120RT Chillers. The electricity consumption of the whole central A/C system took up more than 40% of the total building electricity bills.

Over the years, with the intention to reduce operational cost, the client has explore the idea of energy saving on the A/C system, and had been approached with many offers of conventional solution to replace the Chillers with energy efficient models. The intended project was not implemented for years due to the high initial capital investment cost and long pay-back period for the proposed Chiller replacement.

When Energy-Partners™ was approached by the client, we took a different approach in the energy optimization solution and worked on the entire A/C system. Without the need for the client to invest in new Chillers and Auxiliary Equipment, the project cost was kept to a small fraction of the proposed Chillers replacement cost, yet the end result savings was way above the expectation. The project was successfully completed in July 2012.

  Project Performance and Savings Results verified by Managing Agent - CBRE Pte Ltd    


ENERGY SAVING PROJECT (Logistics Warehouse)

Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a technology company that operates in more than 170 countries around the world. They provide infrastructure and business offerings that span from handheld devices to some of the world's most powerful supercomputer installations. They offer consumers a wide range of products and services from digital photography to digital entertainment and from computing to home printing.

In the Singapore operation, the Logistics Department, with their Warehouse located in Alexandra, is one of the key divisions that support the country retails operation. The Warehouse facilities are managed by ISS Facility Services Pte Ltd. One of the key energy challenges is the high consumption caused by the use of High Bay Lighting. The conventional Metal Halide used is known for its high power consumption and fast lumen deficiency, resulting frequent and high re-lamping cost. The heat generated by the Metal Halide also increases the cooling load of the A/C system within the 24/7 Warehouse.

Energy-Partners™ was appointed as the Consultant to enhance the energy efficiency. The unique Lighting system and solutions offered has met the high quality expectation of HP, and as a result, 60% saving was achieved for the entire Warehouse lighting load - a very significant savings for HP Warehouse operation.

  Project Performance and Savings Results verified by Managing Agent - ISS Facility Services Pte Ltd    



Seasons Park

Seasons Park is a luxurious Condominium estate located along Yio Chu Kang Road, developed by Far East Organization.

Completed in 1997, the estate consists of 390 units of apartments and penthouses with unit ranges from 63 sq. m to 268 sq. m. The condominium provides full facilities include 3 Tennis courts, Swimming & Wading pool, Jacuzzi, Furo Bath, Children Play Room, and a full function Club House consist of Gym, Billiards Room, Karaoke Room, Function Room with Pantry & Store. A 5-storey car park block served the entire estate and guest parking. Though the estate is about 12 years old, the environment is well maintained and shows no sign of aging.

Energy-Partners™ was engaged to improve the energy efficiency for the estate, with the results as follows:

                 Average Savings Achieved:
              Swimming Pool Pumps Consumption – 72%
              Club House A/C and Overall Electricity Consumption – 22%
              Estatel Lightings Consumption - 55%

              Savings Results verified by Managing Agent - Property Facility Services Pte Ltd (PFS)  


Southaven II (MCST 2371)

Southaven II

Average Savings Achieved:
Swimming Pool & Landscape Pumps Consumption – 43.6%
Club House A/C and Overall Electricity Consumption – 20%
Estatel Lightings Consumption - 52%

Savings Results verified by Managing Agent
- Knight Frank Estate Management Pte Ltd


ENERGY SAVING PROJECT (Industrial - Chip Production)

CoilCraft Industries Singapore Pte Ltd

CoilCraft is a privately held company founded in 1945 as a custom coil maker for the television set manufacturers clustered around the Chicago area. Today, it produces inductors for a long list of customers in telecommunications, computers, and instrumentation and consumer electronics.

Coilcraft's worldwide headquarters are in Cary , Illinois ; and its European headquarters are located in Cumbernauld , Scotland . There are another nine plants in the U.S. and Mexico as well as production centres in Scotland , Taiwan , Vietnam , Singapore , China and Malaysia .

The Singapore plant is located at Bedok Industrial Estate; it also function as the logistics and distribution centre to support the production plants in Bintang Island . With its 24 hrs air-conditioned logistics department, the cooling load consumption is relatively high. Energy-Partners™ was engaged to implement an energy conservation project for the factory, in particularly to reduce the cooling load; the end results achieved 13%-27.6% savings to various A/C units.

     Test Certificate verified by CoilCraft Facilities Manager. 


ENERGY SAVING PROJECT (Industrial - Stencils Screen Printing)

Murakami Screen (S) Pte Ltd

Established in 1965, Murakami have been dedicated in development and manufacturing of Photosensitive Emulsion applicable for the screen printing industries. It produces products for visual impression like advertisement board, CD’s, textile to components use by electric devises.

The 10,000 sq.ft. factory located at Loyang Drive , consist of the production plant, A/C warehouse storage and clean room facilities for R&D and QC purposes.

Energy-Partners™ was engaged to improve the energy efficiency for the business operation, with the results as follows:


                 Average Savings:
              Peak Hours – 26.3%
              Non-Peak Hours – 40.2%

              Test Certificate verified by Murakami           

              Hayato Ozeki
              Managing Director
              Murakami Screen (S) Pte Ltd

ENERGY SAVING PROJECT (Residential Apartment)

Penthouse Apartment – Mount Sinai

The spacious Penthouse apartment located at Mount Sinai area is tastefully designed, but consumed lots of energy with many decorative lighting and air-conditioned high ceiling living area. The average monthly electrical consumption is about 1302 Kwh.

Energy-Partners™ was engaged in Nov '07 to improve the energy efficiency to reduce the energy consumption, the results are as follows:

            Average Savings: 27.2%
         Consumption Jun '07 - Nov '07 : 1302 Kwh (Average)
         Consumption Dec '07 - Mar '08 : 947.5 Kwh (Average)

        Consumption Readings based on SP Services Billings.
        Verified by:

        Ms. Yeo W K



Chang Cheng Mei Wah Holdings Pte Ltd

Chang Cheng Mei Wah Holdings owned and operate more than 20 Coffee Shop food court in HDB heartland. With an upmarket image and sleek interior design to all its outlets – mostly operate 24 hours, the average electrical consumption is also higher than conventional coffee shop.

Energy-Partners™ was engaged to conduct a trial assessment to improve the energy efficiency. The outlet at Tampines Ave 4 was selected, and test was conducted on the electrical current supply, the results are as follows:


             Average Savings: 26.3%
          Red Phase    - 22.3%
          Yellow Phase - 27.0%
          Blue Phase    - 29.7%

          Trial Assessment results verified by:
          Chang Cheng Mei Wah Holdings Pte Ltd

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